Microplate Washer

Date: 30/03/2016    View: 808

Microplate Washer

Model: LMW - 31/31i/11

Manufacturer: Labexim – Austria



-   3 wash liquids & 1 rinse liquid standard on LMW 31/31i

-   2 plates incubation chamber (LMW 31i)

-   1 wash & 1 rinse liquid standard on LMW 11

-   8 channel washhead standard (12 channel optional)

-   Aerosole cover ... standard

-   Liquid level detection ... standard

-   Large graphical LCD display ... standard.

-   User friendly operation system with large LCD display.

-   Washes flat, U and V-bottom strips and plates.

-   12-way or 8-way manifold, automatic and manual positioning.

-   Large memory, up to 100 wash protocols can be programmed.

-   Multi-channel,1 or up to 3 for wash,1 for rinse and 1 for waste.

-   Plate shaking function, time and speed are adjustable.

-   Two 96-well plate incubation positions(LMW 31i).

-   Liquid level detection and alert function.

-   Easy maintenance


-   Washhead:8x (standard) or 12x (optional)

-   Platetypes: 96 or 48 well plates / strips, flat, round or V bottom

-   Liquid channels: LMW-31 / 31i: 4 channels (3 wash, 1 rinse)

-   LMW-11: 2 channels (1 wash, 1 rinse)

-   Incubation: 2 incubation positions on LMW-31i

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