Microplate Reader

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-   LED technology

-   Unrivaled optical performance

-   intelligent LED-plugins

-   UV ready (340nm)

-   Easy and safe operation

-   Computer controlled

-   LEDETECT  96 is  a  computer  controlled  microplate  reader for  96 well plates. Easy and safe operation take away the  hassle from  your  daily microplate  reading jobs.  It  is based on  the most  modern  LED  technology, no need to worry about lamp replacements anymore.

-   LED  Technology:  Instead  of  lamps  and  "lters, LEDETECT  96 is  "tted  with  up  to  6  intelligent,  wavelength  speci"c  LED-plugins.  Each  plugin  contains  it's own  digital ID,  LED-light  source, "lter  and lenses  in  one easily exchangeable component.

-   Low  power  consumption: In  times  like  these,  low  power  consumption  must be a key issue with any electrical devices.  With  a  maximum  consumption  of  12W  during reading  and  a  standby  consumption  of  not  more  than 2W, LEDETECT 96again is setting new standards.

-   Unrivaled  optical  performance: Using  LED's  as  light source  moves  all  those  known  problems  with  halogen lamps used in  other readers to  history.  Modern  LEDs are known  for  their  high  and extremely stable  light  energy paired  with  very  low  energy  consumption  at  no  heat development.

-   Intelligent  LED Plugins: Adding new wavelengths (e.g. 340nm)  or  exchanging existing ones is as  easy  and safe as  1-2-3.  Auto-recognition  of  the  individual  plugins takes away the worry about "lter positions in the reader.

-   Computer  Controlled: LEDETECT  96 is  fully  computer controlled. Capture 96  (included)  allows  to  read  plates and  collect  the  raw  OD  data  from  the  reader.  With  it's clipboard function,  it  allows  to  paste  raw  data into  any spreadsheet program for further calculations.

-   All these  great  features combined in  one  product  make LEDETECT  96 the  next  generation  microplate  reader  of your choice!

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